Sleeveless Cotton Skin to Skin Top

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Sleeveless Cotton Skin to Skin Top

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49,00 €

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Please note: This is a garment, not a baby carrier or sling. Always keep hold of baby while standing or moving around.

  • Soft stretch cotton – gentle on mum & baby’s skin
  • Recommended by midwives
  • Designed for skin to skin kangaroo care
  • Suitable from birth
  • Hand’s free when sitting or reclining
  • Wrap ties offer a flexible fit
  • Easy nursing access
  • Sleeveless
  • Machine washable
  • Made in Portugal

When caring for a newborn, nothing compares to direct skin to skin contact. Hold your little one close in our innovative skin to skin top and feel the instant calming effects and benefits of kangaroo care for both you and your baby. Made in the very softest cotton with the perfect level of stretch, this essential sleeveless top is designed to be gentle on both mum & baby’s skin. The structured fabric provides great support and the wrap ties secure baby in the optimal position, allowing you to enjoy hands-free cuddle time while sitting or reclining. This clever camisole can also be worn as a regular wrap nursing top, providing easy access for breastfeeding – layer it up with a cardigan for easy at-home style.

Benefits of the Skin to Skin Top:

  • Soothes baby
  • Stimulates oxytocin
  • Boosts milk supply
  • Regulates baby’s body temperature

The Skin to Skin Top is also available in a long-sleeved version

Code produit: W030312-BLACK

  • Lavage délicat à 30°C
  • Laver les vêtements à l’envers
  • Laver les couleurs foncées séparément
  • Repassage au fer tiède
  • Séchage en machine interdit 

Composition :
  • 96% Cotton
  • 4% Elastane
    • ⚠WARNING Failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions can result in death or serious injury. Read all warnings before using the Seraphine skin-to-skin top.

      ⚠WARNING – DESIGNED FOR FULL-TERM NEWBORN BABIES UP TO 7KG (15LBS) This garment is designed for skin-to-skin with full-term infants up to 7kg (15lbs) during the postpartum period (babies up to 3 months old). Always seek the advice of a healthcare professional before use with a preterm infant.

      When Wearing the Seraphine Skin-to-Skin Top;

      ⚠WARNING – DO NOT USE AS A BABY CARRIER This top is not a baby carrier and should never be used as an apparatus to transport an infant. This garment is designed to be worn as a top and for hands free skin-to-skin only when in a seated position. Always use caution when placing your baby into the skin-to-skin top; always do so in a seated position.

      ⚠WARNING – RISK OF SUFFOCATION, KEEP BABY’S CHIN OFF CHEST Ensure the baby’s face is above the fabric, visible and free from obstructions at all times. Ensure the baby does not curl into a position where his/her chin rests on his/her chest; this position can interfere with breathing. You should always be able to see the baby’s face simply by looking down.

      ⚠WARNING – RISK OF OVERHEATING Check frequently to ensure the infant is not too hot. If the infant is too hot, remove him/her from the skin-to-skin top.

      ⚠WARNING – RISK OF BABY FALLING Take care when leaning or bending forward to ensure the baby does not fall out. Always fully support the baby’s weight when moving to ensure the baby does not fall down through the top.

      ⚠WARNING – DO NOT FALL ASLEEP Never sleep with an infant in the skin-to-skin top. The adult wearing the top must be attentive to the baby at all times.

      ⚠WARNING – DO NOT USE IF INCORRECT SIZE The fabric of the Seraphine skin-to-skin top should fit snugly to support you and your baby, but should not be too tight. If the skin-to-skin top does not fit snugly over you and your baby or it feels too tight, do not wear the top; you may need a different size.


      ⚠WARNING – FOR ADULT USE ONLY The Seraphine skin-to-skin top is designed for use by adults only.

      ⚠WARNING – CHECK BABY’S POSITION The baby should be in a vertical position against the adult’s chest in a natural foetal (new born) or frog position with a natural back curve. The infant’s knees should be pulled up to his/her hip level or higher (frog position). Never tuck the baby’s legs under his/her bottom as this could put pressure on the baby’s legs and may inhibit blood flow.

      Neither Seraphine, nor its affiliates, distributors, wholesalers or retailers are responsible for accidents or injuries that occur from improper use of the Seraphine skin-to-skin top or as a result of any subsequent alteration or modification to the top.

      Always check for ripped seams, torn fabric or ties before each use. If there are worn areas of fabric, rips, loose seams or other visible signs of damage or deterioration to the skin-to-skin top, discontinue use.

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